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In 2050 we will produce all food within the borders of megacities.

Love of money and nothing else will ruin Sparta.

Pray to the Winds. They will prove to be mighty allies of Greece.

The third big war will begin when the big city is burning.

Corporations or wealthy private citizens will attempt to use earth-moving technologies to build their own semi-sovereign entities in international waters.

The only fundamental failure is the failure of one’s imagination.

Oceans will be extensively farmed and not just for fish.

Thanks to DNA and robotic engineering, we will have created incredibly intelligent humans who are immortal.

We will all be wired to computers to make our brains work faster.

There will only be three languages in the world - English, Spanish and Mandarin.

Deserts will become tropical forests.

Marriage will be replaced by an annual contract.


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To Half Sell A Duck
A solo project by David Bernstein

Opening reception, performance & dinner on September 10, 2022, central Athens.

To Half Sell A Duck is an exhibition and performance that brings together a constellation of works around the theme of queer religious futures. Bernstein comes from a Reconstructionist Jewish background and is influenced by “The Crash”, a concept from progressive Rabbi, Bennay Lappe. She argues that religious “master narratives” will eventually crash and we should choose a path of radical re-imagination. This is embodied in the artist's exploration of "Judeo-Futurism", reclaiming historical symbols of oppression by placing them into queer fantasies. Guests will be guided through the exhibition with a performance that tells a story about a radical priest who makes kinky paintings, the creation of a Golem who fights canards, and an encounter with the artist Danh Võ who asks Bernstein to cut up a medieval wooden Jesus into pieces.

David Bernstein (He/him, 1988, San Antonio, Texas) is an artist based in Brussels and Amsterdam. He is a linguistic, metaphysic, mystical lunatic, and likes to play with words. Bernstein makes objects and finds ways to activate them with storytelling performances. His projects deal with a range of subjects: psychology, wellness, hospitality, and spirituality. Next to his individual practice, he collaborates with a variety of people and is a member of the cosmic cowboy collective, Self Luminous Society.

David has completed an MFA from Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam) and a post-graduate residency at Jan van Eyck Academy (Maastricht). He has exhibited and performed internationally at: CAC (Vilnius), SculptureCenter (New York), SALT Galata (Istanbul), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Abteiberg Museum (Mönchengladbach), Raven Row (London), Ludwig Forum (Aachen), De Appel Art Center (Amsterdam), Nomas Art Foundation (Rome).
instagram: @yesyesbernstein

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