Fortune Teller is a nomadic kunstverein founded in 2022. Inspired by itinerant fortune tellers
present in many cultures, the project aims to illuminate artistic practices which ask vigorous,
uncompromising, urgent questions about possible things to come. We strive to build an engaging
international community of supporters around cutting-edge art.
"Precarious Elements Terraforming", our second project, opens on July 15, 2023, in Athens at
P.E.T. Projects. In our established tradition, each opening features a discursive lecture
performance, immersing the visitors in the context of the exhibition and is followed by a friends-
and-family invitation-only dinner party.
A solo exhibition of
Liva Dudareva
hosted by P.E.T. Projects, Athens
Precarious Elements Terraforming:
Hollow Earth,
Stifled Fire,
Thin Air,
Thick Water.
opening –
July 15, 18.00-21.30
exhibition view
July 16-22
, by appointment
Kerkyras 87, Athens
Extractive processes broadly define our current relationship with the material world following
the domination of the capitalist accumulative mentality. What will become the basis of material
reality in the future? Different entanglements of non-humans and their environment after the
Anthropocene are inevitable in the presence of manufactured minerals.
We have never been modern, as Latour observed. The philosophy of the human condition tends
to go in circles. What if our futures have happened, were predicted and waned in the distant
Liva Dudareva questions the relationship between humanity and the environment in the context
of the long-standing dichotomy of natural and artificial. Her practice and works imagine the
materials that could be commonplace in ‘nature’ centuries from now, when plastic, radioactive
waste, liquid crystals and sequestrated carbon of contemporary anthropocentric existence will
eventually merge with the landscape in unison. What is the cultural and social significance of
imagining this inevitable mutation of techno-wastes and beyond-human ecologies? Is there a
place for sublime or “beauty” as a category?
Inspired by arguably less anthropocentric archaic philosophies of searching for the fundamental
element of being, which defines the essence of life, the exhibition consists of four chapters:
Plastic, Plutonium, Liquid Crystals and Carbon. The different exhibition chapters are a unique
survey of Liva’s various ongoing artistic research projects. The selection of works – sculptures,
installations, ceramics and prints – form a dialogical space where the possible futures of
planetary ecology is envisioned without ideological filtering of desire, which is in itself distorting
the picture of plausible reality.
The artist suggests we all think about the material basis of our existence: what comes after
realistically unattainable purity of “ecology”, and how can we conceptually process the apparent
hybridity of human terraformed nature and the philosophical search for the fundamental basis of
the planet?
The opening of the exhibition on July 15 will feature a collaborative lecture performance, A
Conference, a Ritual, an Invocation, by Liva Dudareva and Denis Maksimov-Gupta, starting at 20.00,
which will activate the exhibition space and the discourse of the exhibition in a tradition of the
Fortune Teller openings.
A solo exhibition of
David Bernstein
hosted by Keiv and The Breeder, Athens
To Half Sell a Duck
Opening: September 10, 16.00 21.00 (feat. three performances)
Duration: September 11 - October 1, 2022
Location 1 (performances & main show) @ Keiv, Kalimnou 38, www.keiv.space
Location 2 (additional works) @ The Breeder, Iasonos 45, www.thebreedersystem.com
David Bernstein (he/him, 1988, San Antonio, Texas) is an artist based in Brussels and
Amsterdam. He is a linguistic, metaphysic, mystical lunatic, and likes to play with words. His solo
project brings a constellation of works around the theme of religious futures. Bernstein comes
from a Reconstructionist Jewish background and is influenced by "The Crash", a concept from
progressive Rabbi, Bennay Lappe. She argues that religious "master narratives" will eventually
crash, and we should choose a path of radical re-imagination.
This is embodied in the artist's exploration of "Judeo-Futurism", reclaiming historical symbols of
oppression by placing them into queer fantasies. Guests were guided through the exhibition with
a performance that tells a story about a radical priest who makes kinky paintings, the creation of
a Golem who fights canards, and an encounter with the artist Danh Võ who asks Bernstein to
cut up sixteen-century wooden Jesus into pieces.
The exhibition featured drawings, paintings, and a sculpture, providing a setting for the
performance. The show was presented in two locations: most of the works being presented in
Keiv and several works featured in The Breeder.
u0da0tql (installation views)
(performance & dinner)
David Bernstein, www.yesyesdavid.com
Liva Dudareva, www.livadudareva.lv
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Arts Newspaper International
Keiv, www.keiv.space
The Breeder, www.thebreedersystem.com
P.E.T. Projects, www.petprojects.studio
Denis Maksimov-Gupta, www.denismaksimov.com
Inga Bergen, www.ingabergen.de
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